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Re-Grip It and Rip It


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Re-Gripping Service

The number of times you need to re-grip your golf club depends on the frequency of your play

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Re-Shafting Service

Like golf club grips, the integrity of a golf club shaft can also affect a golfer’s performance.

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Club Fitting

Make your game easier by getting a club fitting with a qualified expert.

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Book an Appointment

Make your golf clubs look good as new while enhancing your performance with my mobile golf services at Re-Grip It and Rip It.

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Re-Grip It and Rip It aims to be a reputable and reliable golf service provider.

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Mobile Golf Services

Is it time to re-grip and re-shaft your golf clubs, but you don’t have the time or skills to do it yourself? Let Re-Grip It and Rip It do it for you!

Re-Grip It and Rip It is a Dallas, TX golf service company that offers re-gripping, re-shafting, and correctly fitting clubs for the golfer. These services are brought right in your home. You don’t have to bring your clubs anywhere. Experience the convenience of a quality service without breaking a sweat. 

About the Company